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let's craft your online presence
Need a new "look" for your new business that truly stands out, or maybe a fresh makeover for your existing business?
You came to the right place! The right branding package will provide you with a cohesive brand system that works for YOUR business. Together we will work through the whole branding process to establish an authentic brand identity that projects professionalism and builds trust with your ideal clients
Basic Package
✓ 3 primary logo designs to choose from

✓ 2 alternative logos to choose from

✓ 1 favicon and 1 watermark

✓ 3 color palettes to choose from

✓ 3 custom font combinations

✓ 3 patterns & textures

✓ Branding Package

✓ Mood & full branding style boards

$999 + HST
Premium Package
Basic Package Plus

✓ 2 social media items of your choice (Design of social media materials such as banners and profile graphics for Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook)

✓ 2 brand items of your choice (Design of printable marketing materials such as business cards, flyers, brochures, price sheet, etc.)

✓ 3 variations for each item

✓ 2 revisions available for each variation

$1299 + HST
Black Package
Premium Package Plus

✓ one-on-one consultation for which template to use

✓ 1 custom email template

✓ 1 page website

✓ web woman taken care of

✓ step-by-step tutorial on how to update the website YOURSELF

$1599 + HST
Be the new social media star ⭐️
In the sea of instagram accounts and ad campaigns it is truly hard to stand out. Make your business shine on social. Fun stop motion, eye-catching styling, crisp photography will only bring you closer to your customers.

PS: I do love creating images for lookbooks and ad campaigns.
Art Direction
Basic Package
✓ 3 unique images created specifically for your brand

✓ 6 concepts to choose from

✓ 2 rounds of edits

✓ delivered to you on a monthly basics so you don't have to worry

Visual Strategy and Styling included

Premium Package
Basic Package Plus

✓ 1 GIF file ( 3-4 frame animation file)

✓ 1 stop motion video (~10 seconds)

✓ 2 rounds of edits

✓ monthly research on the best # hashtags in your field

Dream Package

✓ creative ad campaign (for new season collections, repositioning campaigns, print and digital campaigns, PR-release packages)

✓ 3 potential models to pick from( possibility to work with more models is open too)

✓ 15 publication-ready images

✓ 1 video (30 seconds)

Digital Marketing is a must for every business now
Leyla offers fully integrated solutions for your business needs that will drive in customers.
Digital Marketing
Facebook+ Package
✓ 1 Selling script

✓ On-Site Filming Session

✓ Editing with 2 rounds of edits

✓ Set up of the Ad on Facebook

✓ Custom audience selection

✓ Facebook Pixel Set up on website

✓ Monthly PDF report with results
Instagram Package
Facebook+ Package Plus

✓ 1 selling script adjusted for Instagram

✓ Editing, tailored for IG platform

✓ IG campaign set up

✓ Monthly PDF report with results
Youtube Package
Facebook Funnel Package Plus

✓ 1 selling script adjusted for Youtube

✓ On-Site Filming with Pro equipment

✓ Editing with 2 rounds of edits

✓ Set up on Adworks

✓ Custom audience selection

✓ 1 funnel

✓ Monthly PDF report with results

How does it work?
Let's make sure you your project will be delivered in an organized matter
Create a documentary, short film or music videos. If you are looking for a director, who make it all happen, I'm your GAL. My short films have been screen at Imagine Cinema/Carlton cinema and Experimental Film Festival

contact: +1 647 648 7507 / leyla@solidwhite.ca / @solid_white