leyla bulatova
Life in Plastic
Finalist of La Jolla Film Festival
Though the world bans plastic in every-day life, it's still a dominant force on the runway of haute couture and the shelves of stores. Suddenly, wearing plastic became a trend, where fashion makers introduce more and more plastic- containing materials into the world under the label "recycled". However, the nature of trends is a fast-paced, meaning that all the trendy garments will be disposed of. They will make their way into landfills and oceans, creating microplastic and polluting the environment. By wearing these garments on our bodies, we introduce plastic into the ecosystem, eventually consuming it by eating seafood. At this point plastic becomes us!

All the garments in the video are provided by "Tintein" a hand-curated thrift collective, created by Aisha and Muna Khalaf and contained non-degradable substance in it, although, all have been reused and thrifted.
Film directed by
Leyla Bulatova
Fashion, Experimental
Release date in Canada
Film producer
Leyla Bulatova
Starring actors
Jude Karda
Life in Plastic
Primary Microplastics In The Ocean, IUCN (2017)
Over a third (35%) of all microplastics released into the world's oceans are from synthetic textiles
Finalist of La Jolla Film Festival
Featured scenes of the film
Leyla Bulatova
Jude Karda
Blake Hutchinson
Rita Ushakova
Editor and Colorist
Michael Kondakow
Music composer
Aisha Khalaf
Wardrobe Designer
Caroline Nasser
Hair Artist
Maira Candela
Makeup Artist
Polyester, the major synthetic fiber, now commands a 65% market share and sheds on average six times more microplastic fibers than nylon2.
Film production "Solid White"